Paint Sealants

Polymer paint sealants are the result of science. Polymers are longer lasting and more durable than traditional waxes. Polymers cross link as they bond with the paint and this ability to chemically bond at a nano-tech scale enables the products to deliver superior results never before achieved from regular chemical formulations.


Here is where a lot of confusion comes into play. Many people believe that waxing is the same as polishing but in reality they are completely different processes. Wax forms a protective barrier between your vehicles polished/glazed paint and the elements your vehicle is exposed to. Most waxes are meant as gloss and beauty enhancers. Depending on the quality of the wax, protection will last from a few weeks to a few months.


A glaze is an oil-rich liquid designed to temporarily fill and hide fine scratches and swirls in a vehicle’s paint surface. A glaze is often an optional step of the detailing process, but when used correctly can help add an additional layer of gloss and depth to the paint. Glazes are essentially polishes that leave behind oils, kaolin clay or some other substance that is designed to increase the depth and gloss while being able to mask or hide some minor imperfections in the paint. Glazes are great products to use right before a car show as it can help increase the depth and gloss, especially on lighter colored vehicles where this is often hard to accomplish. One of the downsides of using a glaze is that it may reduce a sealant or waxes ability to bond to the paint with it’s maximum potential. The sealant and wax will still protect very well, it just may not last quite as long as it would if it was used on the bare paint.

Many people’s expectations are often too high when it comes to having a glaze applied to fill in minor imperfections. If your car is filled with swirls and scratches, you are much better off having your vehicle power polished to remove the marks. A power polish ensures a permanent fix while the results from a glaze are temporary. Your car should be washed, clayed, and polished prior to using a glaze for optimal results.

After applying a glaze to your paint, the next step is to protect the exterior paint. This can be done with a sealant, a wax or a combination of both. If you want optimum results, apply the sealant first and then layer the wax on afterward.

Glass Treatment

Glass treatments seal windshields and fill microscopic pores in the glass dramatically improving wet driving visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow. After applying, water beads up on your windshield like little glass balls that are then easily blown off by the wind. The result is improved wet weather visibility.

Metal Polish

Let your metalwork shine! Polished metalwork is the best compliment for any car, truck, or motorcycle. The premium products used by ShineTech cut through layers of dulling oxides, brake dust and oily soils to expose bright, shiny metal surfaces. Our premium polishes are also formulated with a high-tech metal sealant that protects your metal from future oxidation and water spots. Now your metalwork can stay looking brilliant all year!

Rust Proofing

Coming soon to ShineTech.

Paint Protection Film

What is it? Paint Protection Film is a transparent, durable, high performance urethane film that is scratch and tear resistant. It is designed to provide a virtually invisible layer of protection between every day road hazards and the damage prone areas of your vehicle. The primary protection areas include the hood, fenders, front bumper, a-pillars and rocker panels. Other commonly protected areas include the headlights, door edges, side view mirrors, door handle insets and the top edge of rear bumpers.

The films available at ShineTech are produced by 3M and Xpel Technologies. Both products feature excellent adhesion characteristics, clarity, durability and are among the best available. Please call us for details and a quote for your vehicle.

Watch this video to see the difference that Paint Protection Film can make!

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