Fabric Guard

Protecting your investment includes protecting the interior fabrics of your vehicle. Areas of concern include headliners, cloth seats, armrests, the trunk/cargo area, cloth panel inserts and of course the rugs.  Fabric Guard forms an invisible barrier and protects the fibers from oil, grease, water-based stains, soil, grime and food products like coffee, ice cream, tea and juice. A quality product does not affect the colors or texture and eliminates static build-up without changing the feel or appearance of plush fabrics or carpet.

Vinyl Conditioners

Premium, lasting products that provide excellent protection to the interior vinyl and plastic surfaces of your vehicle. Protects against harmful UV rays, drying, fading, hardening and cracking of the interior vinyl surfaces. ShineTech uses top quality products that vary in gloss from the “wet” look to the “new” look finish.

Leather Conditioners

Premium leather conditioning products will most resemble the natural moisturizers that once kept the leather supple. The products we use are non greasy and are formulated to deeply penetrate the leather – conditioning from the inside out.

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